Termites Control

anti Termite control and treatment company

Termites control is service that provided by our pest control company we have termite control services ,an insect that lives in communities called colonies which estimated between 30,000 to 2.5 million termites.Termite treatment feed on cellulose found on paper,wooden furniture,clothes,pillows,carpets,rugs and curtains.Termites can attack your windows,doors ,wooden furnitues and floors and destroy them.Although termites have no bad effects on our health but the wreck on our buildings which they can cause is more than worrying!

Termite treatment

The first step you must follow when you are trying to get rid of termites control is to identify the type of termites treatment or you can contact any Termite control company that you are dealing with as there are two types of termites treatment you must worry about: Drywood termites and Subterranean termites.there are many termites elemenating products you can use to protect your house: *Baits: You can use wood as a termite bait as the termites feed on cellulose found on wood,as you can impregnated cellulose with a slow-acting toxicant which can’t be identified by termites. *Direct: there are termite elemenation products that can be applied directly to termites we use to the best in Anti termite treatment through dusts or foams but this method isn’t very effective cause it can’t stop termites from coming back .

what can i do to get rid of Termites?

Products and advices that helps you to kill termites may not be effective ways, cause killing termites control is not easy even for professionals,trying to kill termites requires special equipmenets like hammer drills to drill holes and then to inject the termiticide into these holes.Other reason to not try killing termites yourself is that most products used in killing termites can be sensed by termites and then they will avoid them. Most reputable pest control companies can help you get rid of termites.